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Dalton Pont


Chief Executive Officer

30+ R&D, BS Eng, MS Eng,

MBA, PMP, Multiple Patents, Pilot, 

Air Force Veteran

Alice Cummings



15+ Years Logistics

Supply Chain Analysis

Multi-Modal Transport Models

Invest Cap/Equity Mgt,  

BS Business Economics, 

Certified EMT

Dr. Robert Fisher


Chief Medical Officer

35+ Transplant Surgery 

& Medical Instruction

Harvard Medical School, M.D., F.A.C.S. 

Navy Veteran

Jami Shawley


Chief Operating Officer

25+ Air Ops, BS Eng, MS Eng Mgt, 

JCS, Military Pilot, 

Army Reserve Aviation Command

Army Veteran

Hugh Bolton


Chief Technology Officer

30+ R&D , BS Eng, MS En

AI, Intelligence Systems, Pilot

Successful Entrepreneur

Air Force Veteran

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TCOA is a third party service specializing in outsourced transplant services. Knowing that you have an expert team dedicated to analyse, review and respond to urgent transplant needs can offer your transplant surgeons and procurement teams a lot of stress relief and support, as well as free up hospital time. Services provided can include DonorNet call services, Import and Transportation coordination, data analytics and reporting, and much more. 


Lifebanc is an Organ Procurement Organization located in Northeast Ohio. They coordinate all organ and tissue/eye donation in their donation service area and act as the bridge between donor hospitals and transplant centers.

Lifebanc is an innovative company and the lead voice for all of Ohio's Organ Procurement Organizations. We are thrilled to name Ohio as our hub for autonomous innovation. Click below to see why we partnered with Lifebanc and their impressive CEO, Gordon Bowen.