VyrtX is the Industries only purpose-built solution for unification and optimization of organ procurement and delivery for the transplant community, dramatically reducing logistics management and transport time required for Life-Critical organ survival and transplantation.

VyrtX  brings hospital staff, surgeons, procurement teams & tissue facilities all together, on one platform, allowing control and awareness for all transport missions, with a significant reduction in the time of transport.

In the Transplant Community
Time is Critical
We can help!

The ability to streamline the transplant process from organ procurement to recipitant can dramatically increase organ viability and survival rate.

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Reduction in average delivery time
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Increase in organ survival rate

The VyrtX Value Elements

Reduce Transport Time and Delays
Increase the Speed of Organ Movement
Enhance Continuous Awareness
End to End Custody Chain and Visibility
Mission Coordination Automation
AI-driven Logistics Analysis and Transport Routing
Central streamlining of processes for
determination, handling and negotiating routes and costs
Unified Collaboration
Homogenous platform for multi-vendor coordination and collaboration

Meet Safety Standards
Assist and abide to standardized safety mandates related to air &
ground transportation .