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COVID-19 Relief
Mobility and Circulation Assistance for Corona-Virus Patients

Beyond the recognized health issues related to COVID-19 patients, prolonged immobility due to hospitalization, and/or home quarantine has introduces additional health risks to their cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Long-term COVID-19 patient immobility can also result in the onset of other related conditions with the highest risk being with the frail and elderly followed by patients with underlying conditions and/or a history of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, chronic respiratory disease.

Long-term COVID-19 induced immobility elevates the risk of conditions associated with reduced movement and blood flow to include Venous thromboembolism (VTE) and Deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Furthermore, blood clots caused by these conditions can break loose, travel through a patient’s bloodstream and lodge in their lungs, (i.e. pulmonary embolism) adding additional stress to an already compromised COVID-19 patients respiratory system.

Increase Circulation, Strength, and Range of Motion.

FitFoot assists in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 as related to cardiovascular complications and decreased ambulatory attainable through its ability to increase lower extremity circulation, strength, and range of motion. In addition, these easy-to-use and simple devices will incentivize compliance, critical to success, and bridge the need for supervision which can be difficult to access for reasons such as lack of funds and infection risk.

Fitfoot can easily be used in the supine position as a tool for healthcare providers during a patients stay, as well as post-release for at-home recovery and strength building.

Benefits of FitFoot for COVID-19 Patients

Circulation Improvement
FitFoot assists in maintaining and improving blood flow to lower extremities during COVID-19 induced immobility periods
Mobility Assistance
FitFoot assures proper and stable mobility upon standing after prolonged COVID-19 bed rest.
Fitfoot can reduce the symptoms related to gait
Improved Strenght
FitFoot exercises increase strength of ankle and lower leg joints