Frequently asked questions


What does VyrtX do?

VyrtX is a software company - we introduce a computerized process where one does not exist to allow a system and process for time-critical shipments; deliveries necessary for under 12 hours. Innovative technology marries air and ground transportation with AI driven operations to offer Faster, Smarter and Safer transport options. The software proves out gaps in capacity for transport solutions and VyrtX will look to fill those with expanded fleet and, one day, autonomous systems. 

Why is the current system not working?

Most pallets and packaged-cargo loads are shipped or transported with ground courier systems where they ride with other shipping orders or via commercial air flights where they ride with other passenger baggage. There is a need for temp-controlled options with small delivery loads. Charter pilots are expensive, and often have less risky, more attractive jobs than procurement air travel. New UAS vendors & drone companies will introduce innovative aircraft options, but a management system needs to be in place for routing “transportation as a service” across all distances.  

What will change about the business now?

VyrtX will introduce a universal, agnostic interface for all coordination networks to expand the nation’s transport options. Humans are constrained by the information one can find, and what’s available by phone at certain times. Every commercial schedule, on-demand charter companies, and every ground system will be ingested into a VyrtX data center along with transport parameters (ie. organ moving requirements) to generate a menu of transport options in an uber-like fashion.

How does the (VOP) system work?

We ingest current data from commercial and privately available air and ground systems, and then apply rules and algorithms to optimize the use of autonomy and AI to leverage efficiency. Manual coordination is currently handcuffed by the time-consuming process of transportation, fact-finding, and synchronizing. Computational technology can bear this burden, allowing humans to elevate true customer service and provide the “easy” yes to sourcing transport. 

How is this going to improve the logistics business?

VyrtX will offer a universal platform – in mobile app form – that will simplify logistical challenges so that your in house teams can put more time towards customer service and business development, vs complicated (human to human) searching and back and forth communication with trying to find the right transport solution to move an organ from point A to point B. 

How does VyrtX make money?

VyrtX collects a portion of the transport margin, plus the option for subscription fees, or corporate white labeling programs, and also from licensing and in some areas, advertising. 

Autonomous systems


Where is VyrtX today with drone technology?

A robust, Class 3, UAV fleet is in development – it will offer temperature-controlled payload bays, potentially for 200-300 lbs, and flight range of approximately 400 miles. Those are about a year away so we are working on their “skyway” system in the interim. VyrtX is working in collaboration with Ohio Department of Transportation and AFRL as the first use case for BVLOS testing.

There is a need for medium to large scale, on-demand air transportation, similar to military style aircraft's, but customized for general society and urgent medical needs, to travel 400+ miles.

Where is VyrtX testing autonomous technology?

We are collaborating with the Ohio UAS center located in Springfield, OH. Testing sites include the Springfield-Beckley Airport and approved testing corridors for autonomous package delivery in multiple locations around Ohio. We are also testing in Southern California, and in Utah with prototype hardware, radars, and cellular capabilities. 

Why AI?

Better, quicker response time. Innovation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will see the global logistics industry shift its operating model from reactive, to being proactive and predictive. 

What Patents does VyrtX Incorporate?

VyrtX licences several and integrates several patents that are wholly owned and operated. We prefer to talk directly with you about our IP, so please feel free to reach out with specific questions or to contact us for more information. 

Are there demo's or video's to see?

Yes. Please see our event calendar or facebook page for upcoming events and demo dates.  We also have a Vimeo page available for viewing what footage is uploaded and available.