VyrtX introduces a Smart Mobility Platform - an Artificial Intelligence driven logistics system, that will offer on-demand B2B cargo transport in hours time. The use of mixed fleet management will produce a menu of all available transport solutions, with aggregated optimization to execute rapid transport with real-time data.

VyrtX will identify gaps in the market for capacity – they are currently being discovered, but we are analyzing them for ideal solutions. VyrtX would like to introduce UAS operations in combination with an agnostic system to utilize all available UAS assets as they come to market. This will help fill those gaps with autonomous transportation options, offer a logistics operating platform to those UAV companies and ultimately offer lower transportation costs to many industries.



Concept of Operations

AI algorithms work within the VyrtX system to produce the available route options, presented along with the risks, ie weather, time, cargo exchange, cost, etc. The user picks the best option for their transport demand, approves the projected cost of transport and then the VyrtX operations system takes over to manage the mission. 

In today's world quick response and convenience are factors that most people and businesses expect. Everyone loves the next day availability for amazon boxes - but for things that are life changing, and time critical, transportation needs to move as fast as possible.  It is an impossible task for a human to try and sort through all the viable options, predict weather changes and make manual phone calls to source, connect and communicate updates on cargo transport; especially with all of those needs happening after standard work hours and in the middle of the night. Let's think in the present - let's use autonomy and simplify!

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Our VyrtX Engineers and Technical team are available and open to talking with anyone about the common operating platform, mapping data, mission planning tools, foundation IP or VyrtX licencing. Reach out to us anytime.

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