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Pain Points






The Problem

There is a large gap of innovation, and lack-there-of with transparency, in tracking GPS location or the monitoring of time-critical and temperature-sensitive measures with transport cargo.  Mobile access, group communication, live tracking and autonomous systems options are desired by many industries.

The Solution

"Artificial Intelligence (AI) will see the global logistics industry shift its operating model from reactive, to being proactive and predictive".  

The average transport time for "urgent" deliveries averages between 15-19 hours for transport, a challenge to many industries where time matters, costs money and often, saves lives. 

Packages often go missing or experience a significant amount of down time and sometimes, loss in temperature. Shortening the transportation window by even 1 hour can far extend a transplant recipient's life, the transplant success rate, an aviation companies overhead and liability, or the amount of casualties and losses in emergencies and disasters.

What is the Current System today?

Manual routing. Manual phone calls. Manual check 'ins. Manual updates. Shifting schedules. Midnight shift demands. Limited pre-planning. Lack of fast turnaround times. Immediate & Urgent Needs. Mass communication. Lack of innovation.

Benefits of Using a Mixed Fleet

Autonomous systems are posed to offer great solutions, but they will not be available overnight and there are many regulatory hurdles to try and navigate. The current process today for transportation should remain intact, but VyrtX aims to offer software solutions that will introduce automation, innovative platforms, and dynamic re-tasking and those applications will shave off minutes of time in a multitude of places. 

VyrtX is also identifying gaps in the market where current transportation options do not exist. These entail declining pilot rates, needs in rural areas, limited timing options, high traffic areas, needs that generate in off hours, and distances too far to cover with available options. These situations require a multitude of solutions and the blend of various transportation systems. 

What about Drones and Autonomous Systems?

With the introduction of drones and unmanned aircraft's to our society, it makes sense to look unmanned transport options to fill the gaps. There are many different cargo needs and distance needs - with innovative systems being developed all over the globe. VyrtX will offer an agnostic system and a portal for ordering transport that will implement the use of any and all autonomous systems. That way any cargo can be transported “on-demand”, in an optimal environment, with all the benefits that VyrtX offers. Eventually, we hope to have options where UAV's provide the full course of transport, but the “roads” still need to be built. That’s where our Ohio partnership comes in and where we are collaborating with AFRL and ODOT to build a PATH TO MARKET for everyone to use and fly.

Transportation solutions - A mixed fleet

Charter Helicopter


Custom VTOL Transport

Payload 6 Passengers & Cargo

Range 325 miles

Speed 125 mph

Private Jet Charter


Luxury Jet Transport

Payload 8 Passengers & Cargo

Range 2,000 miles

Speed 500+ mph

3rd Party Charter

Charter Transport
Payload 12 Passengers & Cargo
Range 2000 miles
Speed 300+ mph

Custom Charter Transport

Payload 10 Passengers & Cargo

Range 2000 miles

Speed 300+ mph

Ground Transport


Custom Courier Transport

Payload 200+ lbs

Manual Operations

*Autonomous Operations

Commercial Air Transport


 For Long Haul Missions
Large Capacity Cargo
Range 2,000 miles
Speed 300+ mp

Short-Haul UAV/Drone


*Limited Locations

Payload 10 lbs

Range 20 miles

Speed 25+ mph

Veyron UAV


Autonomous Mosquito Ultralight

Planned for 2020
 Payload 100 Lbs
Range 400 Miles
Speed 125+ mph

Hopper UAV


 Autonomous Cessna 206

Planned for 2020

Payload 300 lbs

Range 800 miles

Speed 175+ mph



VTOL meets Fixed Wing

Planned for 2021

Payload 600 lbs

Range 600 miles

Speed 200+ mph