Smart Mobility. Because Minutes Matter.

 VyrtX is an AI driven logistics platform that provides multi modal transportation solutions.  

What is Smart Mobility?  

Smart mobility refers to using modes of transportation alongside or even instead of traditional gas-powered vehicles. This can take on many different forms, including ride-sharing, car-sharing, public transportation, walking, biking, and more.  With VyrtX, we utilize AI solutions to find all available transportation solutions and then we aggregate cargo deliveries for rapid transport. 

What's Closest? What's fastest? What's the best path on light of current, real-time data when minutes matter. THAT's Smart Mobility by VyrtX. 

The Future of Transplant Transportation

VyrtX is building an innovative logistics solution for the organ transplant industry.

The Breakdown



If customers can’t find it, does it exist? 

Our team started a mission to answer that question and collect data. Results:

There are gaps in transportation capacity.

Some would say, inefficiencies introduce opportunities. What can fill the voids? Drones? Autonomous systems? Operational Expansion? We prefer a mixed combination.

Upcoming Events


Learn where we are operating, how we are building and testing, as well as who we are partnered with and where we are expanding to.  We are constantly researching, networking and promoting our business across the 

United States.


Want to learn more? 

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Mission Movers


The key to success with any system is to create a REPEATABLE PROCESS. Our software is identifying gaps in capacity everyday and we need your help to establish & introduce 

new transport options.  

Are you a transportation company? Sub contractor? Or do you know of large, open rural areas where drones can operate in the near future? Reach out and send us your info!

Our Services


  VyrtX introduces a Smart Mobility Platform - 

an Artificial Intelligence driven, logistics system, offering on-demand B2B cargo transport geared for rapid response. The AI Engine optimizes ALL available transport options across the US, stand alone or in-combination, and then manages the necessary transport chains to execute each mission in full capacity so you don't have to.

Why Autonomy & AI?


   Artificial Intelligence will see the global logistics industry shift its operating model from reactive, to being proactive and predictive.

AI generated routing & mixed fleet management helps to optimize services for Faster, Smarter, Safer, & Cheaper Transport.




Customers have questions, 

We have answers!

We have interviewed many industry professionals and received both push back and praise.  Hopefully some of this info provides you more answers, but reach out if not!

Vyrtx addresses US executive order on kidney health

On July 10th, 2019, an executive order was passed dedicating the administration to support and advance American kidney health. "The state of care for patients with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease is unacceptable: too many at-risk patients progress to late-stage kidney failure; the mortality rate is too high; current treatment options are expensive and do not produce an acceptable quality of life; there are not enough kidneys donated to meet the current demand for transplants".